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In order to make our equipment easier to use, more comfortable, safer and able to execute specialized lifting situations, Horcher has a variety of options and accessories that one can order for their lift system(s). Whether it be a motorized Patient Positioner, which is able to position a user into a reclined or upright position while being lifted, or a specialized type of track configuration, we pride ourselves on providing the best, most affordable equipment and accessories in the entire lifting industry.


Not only does Horcher, offer specialized lifts and tracking systems, they also offer custom made slings in the rare event that our standard slings are not adequate for the user. We have provided just an overview of the available accessories.  Please consult with us as to whether or not the particular accessory is needed or suitable for you.

See More Pictures

We did not want this page to take too long to load, because of the number of pictures, so we have included a few pictures here and ask that you click on our Horcher Pictures Page to see more pictures when you are ready.  This page will take longer to load (up to 6 minutes on a 28.8 dial-up, over a minute on cable/DSL line)...


Scale Systems

Completely self contained and measuring just four inches long, our scale includes the latest gauging technology. An accessory that can be attached to all of the UniLift C-Models and most of our floor models, our scales are able to accurately read how much the user weighs to a repeatable, calibrated accuracy of 0.1%.

Complete with an automatic zeroing button, our scale is useful in many ways. For example, this scale is a safe, easy and effective way to weigh somebody who needs to be weighed several times a day due to their condition. The scale is also a very easy way to weigh somebody who is not able to stand on a standard scale. Physical Therapists often use our scale to chart the progression of their patients who are in ambulatory rehabilitation. Through scale readings, the Physical Therapists can see how much their patients are able to bear weight over their rehabilitation period.


MAGS Suspension Vest

"The MAGS Vest incorporates a patented mesh which acts like a Chinese finger trap to hold the vest in place during unweighting therapy" according to it's manufacturer, Maine Antigravity Systems, Inc., in Portland, Maine.


bulletSturdy polypropylene mesh reduces wear
bulletLower lumbar support for added comfort
bulletColor coded for easy size identification

The MAGS vest as an option for use on the Horcher overhead ceiling mounted lift systems. When an upper body support system is attached to the UniLift overhead track system a variety of benefits can be realized:


Safety for patient & care giver


Unrestricted gait training can be achieved


The many benefits of an upright posture:
bulletPostural drainage
bulletBetter circulation
bulletStimulates proper bone growth
bulletImproved psycho-social outlook

Available in sizes from X small to 5X Large


Motorized Patient Positioner

The Motorized Patient Positioner (MPP) is an accessory that can be applied to all models of the LexaTM, TonyaTM and the UniLift Ceiling C-Model families.  The MPP attaches to the lifting apparatus and is designed to position the user into varying degrees of reclined or upright, seated positions while being lifted.  The MPP enables the user position him or herself into the most comfortable position with the simple touch of a button on the remote control.

The Motorized Patient Positioner allows caregivers to position the patient without straining providing a safe, dependable and comfortable lift for the patient and caregiver.

The Motorized Patient Positioner developed for the Pediatric TonyaTM Lift is smaller than the standard Patient Positioner, which is used for our LexaTM and UniLift Models.  The smaller MPP enables the sling to better conform to children, ensuring safety and comfort. 

Motorized Patient Positioners have a lifting capacity of 350lbs & use energy from the lift battery.


"Dolphin" Patient Positioner

The "Dolphin" Patient Positioner is the most recent addition to Horcher product family. The "Dolphin" is specifically concerned with the ergonomic repositioning of patients.  Traditional mechanisms for the attachment of slings to patient lifts have required exertion on the part of care givers.  Repositioning a patient required some pushing and pulling on the sling or the patient. Some manufacturers have added handles and by pushing or pulling on the handle, a care attendant can reposition the patient and hold the patient in position. However, such pushing, pulling and especially the holding means that strenuous exertion remains a part of the equation. The equation could be written as follows:

     Push + Pull + Hold = Care Giver Stress = Work Related Injuries

With the recent emphasis on ergonomics, it has become important to avoid any repetitive stressful motions which can cause Work Related Injuries.   With the the "Dolphin", patients can be lifted and automatically repositioned to or from reclining and sitting positions. Patients lifted from the sitting up position will remain sitting up. If they are being lowered into bed, as their upper body reclines, the "Dolphin" adjusts automatically and allows the patient to lay flat.

The "Dolphin"


Is affordable


Can be used on the Diana, UniLift Ceiling and Lexa lifts


Distributes the patient's body weight, providing more comfort


Requires little to no strenuous repositioning







Charging Methods for the UniLift, C-Models

There are different charging methods/upgrades that one can purchase for all models of the UniLift, C-Model family.   The default method for charging your ceiling lift is to "park the lift" at a particular spot on the track where the charging station is located.   Other methods of charging have been developed by Horcher to facilitate the charging process for our customers.

Charging plates for the UniLift, C-Models
Located inside the track, each charging plate provides a charging station for a UniLift, C-Model at any spot along the track.  Multiple charging plates provide multiple charging stations along the track for convenience.  A charging plate is an advantage for the user who does not want to have to park the lift at the normal charging station, which is located the end of the track.  The user also has the freedom to decide where he or she wants to charge the lift.

Continuous Charging for the UniLift, C-Models
For the customer who does not want to deal with the charging process at all, continuous copper stripping placed along the inside of the track provides a constant charge to the lift. Carbon brushes, which are located on the lift trolley, brush along the copper stripping, completing the charge from the copper stripping to the lift batteries.


Padded Covers for lifts

Horcher also manufactures padded covers for almost all of the lifts for extra protection. For example, there is a padded case for the Portable UniLift, PC-2 model.   This case covers the entire lifting unit in the event the caregiver inadvertently bangs his or her head while manipulating the lift.

Floor models can have padded or plastic covers that fit over and around the base legs of the lift. These covers prevent any nicks or scrapes that may occur to the legs of the lifts.  The padded covers also protect a caregivers feet and ankles from any accidents that may occur.


Emergency "Let Downs"

Safety is the top priority of Horcher when designing lifting systems.   Although most lifts come standard with emergency back up features, optional, secondary, emergency "let down" features are also available. 

Floor Models
As an option, a manual "let down" option is offered on the Diana and Raisa floor model lifts.  If a rare power failure occurs to the lift, one can unscrew an apparatus that is attached to the lifting actuator, lowering the user safely to the ground.

Ceiling Models
On all of the Horcher ceiling lift models, there are 2 standard, emergency features. However, other types of optional, emergency, backup systems for our UniLift, C-Models are offered.  For example, there is a Spreader Bar with an integrated, emergency let down.  In case of rare electrical failure, the spreader bar has a secondary strap that one can manually unwind in order to lower one into a wheelchair, bed or onto the ground.




How to Find Out More

Our factory trained consultants can discuss your needs and your desires regarding usage in your home/facility.   If you'd like to read about the lifts that use these slings, click here to go to the Horcher Main Menu.  You can also contact us for more information or to schedule an evaluation.


Independent Patient Use Warning

Using any lift independently is not recommended if physical and/or mental condition are subject to change. Independent use should always be accompanied by back-up systems, such as portable telephones, emergency call systems and mechanical emergency let down mechanisms.


Note:  Specifications are subject to change without notice.  The right to technical alterations is reserved.

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