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Horcher Ceiling Lifts Overview

The Horcher UniLift family of ceiling lifts provide a range of solutions for patient transfer in homes and facilities.    With a Horcher  ceiling lift, the patient can be lifted from the tub, floor, or bed, and lowered into a sitting or lying down position.

See More Pictures

We did not want this page to take too long to load, because of the number of pictures, so we have included a few pictures here and ask that you click on our Horcher Pictures Page to see more pictures when you are ready.  This page will take longer to load (up to 6 minutes on a 28.8 dial-up, over a minute on cable/DSL line)...

Advantages of a Horcher Ceiling Lift

A ceiling lift is the most seamless patient transfer solution available.

bulletFurniture does not have to be moved to perform a lift.
bulletIt lift rolls smoothly easily along the ceiling mounted track.
bulletUser can be raised from and lowered to a sitting or fully reclined position.
bulletUsers with enough upper body strength can operate the lift independently.
bulletThe lift is never in the way because it is on the ceiling.  Ceiling lifts provide for the overhead lifting of the patient without turning in tight locations or maneuvering over carpet.  
bulletSee our floor model vs. ceiling lift page for more thoughts on the general benefits of ceiling lifts.





Components of a Horcher Ceiling Lift

Horcher has designed a variety of ceiling lift engines, tracks, track mounting & connecting accessories, track switches/carousels/transversals/roundhouses, patient slings and other accessories to allow maximum customization of the ceiling lift system to fit your needs and your environment.


Horcher offer a variety of lift system slings and other accessories (scales, etc.)  -- no matter what your need.  We have separate pages describing slings and accessories.


The central component of any lifting system is its lift engine.  All of the Horcher lift engine models have motorized patient lifting and lowering.  


Horcher has two main ceiling lift engine types:


Ceiling-Mounted C-model lifts
These lifts are mounted to the track and sit unobtrusively near the ceiling when not in use.   Standard models can lift up to 400 pounds and heavy duty lifts up to 530 pounds.
Three C-Model Lift models are available:


C-2 UniLift - Provides the motorized patient lifting and lowering.  Caregiver manually moves the patient along the track with only 1 pound of pressure per hundred pounds of patient weight.


C-4 UniLift - Same as the C-2 PLUS motorized left/right movement along the track.


C-6 UniLift - Same as the C-4 PLUS motorized operation of a variety of special track layout accessories such as track switches, carousels, transversals and roundhouses.

bullet Portable PC-2 lifts
Weighing only 18.5lb, the Portable PC-2 is designed to be carried from one track to another.  Thus, small sections of track can be installed wherever a lift and transfer is needed.   This design not only renders several rooms or even multiple homes/buildings accessible, it is cost effective because renovations do not need to be performed to accommodate one long, continuous track.   The PC-2 offers operating controls located in two different places.  The lifting/lowering buttons are located on the lift itself as well as on the wired hand control.


Horcher UniLift Ceiling Lift Features

bulletPneumatic Hand Controls for wet environment transfers and use.
bulletCustomized tracking systems to meet the caregivers and/or users needs as well as to accommodate varying ceiling heights and designs, such as vaulted or cathedral ceilings which may require suspended track installations.
bulletTrack Curve of varying degrees available to meet specific
bulletElectric Carousels, Track Switches & Manual or Battery Powered Transversal applications for access in multiple directions in small or constricted areas. Also can be utilized as a room-covering system.


Horcher UniLift Ceiling Lift Safety Features

bulletBattery Power, which eliminates the chance of electrical shock and keeps lift available in case of power outage.
bulletCharging Systems which automatically shut off.
bulletVarious, optional charging mechanisms making the charging process easier and sometimes making it unnecessary to take the lift out of service.
bulletStandard Emergency Lowering Systems
bulletExclusively installed by trained personnel


What is the power source for this lift?  And how do I charge it?

The dependable 24 volt system keeps the UniLift ceiling lifts operating even in the event of an electrical power outage.  To keep your battery charged, your lift can either be positioned along the track in a charging location called a "charging station" or installed with continuous charge.   On a full charge, the C-model lifts can complete 350 lifting cycles, 12" up and 12" down, using a 350 lb. load.....out performing any other lift in the industry. 


Room-to-Room Usage and other Special Track Layouts

No matter what your need -- we have a Horcher Lift solution! 


We can customize the track to get you where you need to go with straight track of varying lengths and curved track of varying angles.


If you need to go anywhere in a room space, we can install a room-covering Transversal system.


If you need to access multiple directions or small/constricted areas, we have Carousels and Track switches.


We're able to suspend the track when there are vaulted or cathedral ceilings.


If you need room-to-room usage and do not want to alter your doorway, we have a room-to-room system, that allows a track transfer at the doorway.  We'll also help you look at alternatives such as bath/toilet chairs, if the bathroom is the second room you need to access.


Temporary Use of a Ceiling Lift

Horcher ceiling lift systems can be temporarily installed.


Note, that even when a track is installed in your home/facility, it can be easily removed when you no longer need your lift.  After its removal, the small holes caused by the mounting screws can be filled in with putty and painted over.


Should you need a truly temporary solution, the ceiling lift can be installed on two-post or four-post temporary systems.   We use these systems when we demonstrate the ceiling lifts at shows or in your home/facility.  Frequently, hospitals will use these systems temporarily for patients and families can get familiar with transferring their loved one.


Installing a ceiling lift/Scheduling a Evaluation

There are many options for the installation of a ceiling lift.  Our track can be installed in a variety of ceilings including standard wood joist, concrete and steel ceilings.  We can also handle vaulted and cathedral ceilings.  Our factory trained consultants will come to your home or facility to discuss your needs and your desires regarding usage in your home/facility.  Contact us for more information or to schedule an evaluation.


Independent Patient Use Warning

Using any lift independently is not recommended if physical and/or mental condition are subject to change. Independent use should always be accompanied by back-up systems, such as portable telephones, emergency call systems and mechanical emergency let down mechanisms.


Note:  Specifications are subject to change without notice.  The right to technical alterations is reserved.

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