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Overview    Recorder Top Features  
System Requirements 
What is included with the recorder
Detailed Specifications
Optional accessories for this recorder  
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Are you looking for the AS-4000 Transcription Kit?

Are you replacing your Olympus DS-4000 or DS-3000?  Call us at 888-462-4346 or email us regarding its buy-back or trade-in value.  We will consider a DS4000 or DS3000 in any condition -- new, used and working or damaged.

Overview    (This product is sometimes listed as: Olympus DS 4000 or DS-4000 or DS4000 and has been replaced in the Olympus product line by the Olympus DS 5000 or DS-5000 or DS5000.)

This recorder is no longer being manufactured as of 2008 - a few factory-refurbished units starting to become available and the very occasional new unit is sometimes located.  This product has been replaced in Olympus product line by the Olympus DS-5000.   If you are using the DS-4000 already, you may want additional DS-4000 units, but consider transitioning to the DS-5000, which has a DS-4000 compatibility mode plus higher fidelity and many new features.  If you are selecting a brand new digital recorder platform, definitely start with the Olympus DS-5000.

Are you trying to replace your Olympus DS-4000?  Call us at 888-462-4346 or email us regarding its buy-back or trade-in value.  We will consider a DS-4000 in any condition -- new, used and working or damaged.

The Olympus DS-4000 is Olympus' very well-regarded professional digital recorder kit.  It has all the premium features users want, yet its core dictation capabilities are easily accessible with a quiet and easy to use slide switch.    Click here to order or keep reading.  

Enjoy Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking® at your PC AND use your Olympus DS-4000 Digital Recorder when you are away.  Get your work done anywhere!  The Olympus DS-4000 Digital Recorder is the mobile solution that enables you to create reports, correspondence, e-mail, and more - virtually anywhere.   Then just return to your computer and place the recorder into the provided "cradle".  The Olympus DSS Player Pro program will start and your dictated audio is uploaded to the PC.  Select one or more of the dictated audio files and click the red "Dragon" icon in the DSS Player Pro software and your dictation will be sent to the NaturallySpeaking program to be transcribed immediately onto your screen and into your document.

 You don't have to carry a laptop or look at a screen while you are entering information. There are no tapes to transcribe, and no redundant keyboarding of handwritten notes.   With the Olympus DS-4000 Digital Recorder you can create text almost anywhere, anytime. You can also save audio clips or dictation as .wav files in addition to the Olympus format .dss.

Recorder Top Features

The DS-4000 is the most advanced professional digital recorder ever from Olympus -- loaded with premium features and enhanced DSS Player Pro Dictation software for outstanding performance, and designed - inside and out - to provide you with first class conveniences and all the accessories you need for an easy, flexible, and productive dictation lifestyle.   Get hours of recording time with removable xD-Picture Card. Store up to 199 messages in one to seven separate folders.  And discover the freedom provided by DSS Player Pro software with your audio files.

bulletCompact design and light metal finish combine for a recorder with a professional look and feel and large easy to read LCD with backlight
bullet LCD screen displays message number, a real-time counter, remaining recording time, current time and date, operating mode and more.


bulletDual function cradle for recharging of Ni-MH battery pack (included) and downloading data to a PC.
bulletRechargeable Ni-MH battery pack  automatically charges when the recorder is placed in the cradle.
bulletWhen the DS-4000 is left unused and in stop mode for a set amount of time, it will automatically shut itself off.
Recording Capacity:
bulletRecords in the superb quality Olympus DSS (Digital Speech Standard) format on xD-Picture Cards.  This media is available in capacities up to 1GB. 

bulletComes with one 32MB xD-Picture Card capable of recording more than 11 hours (LP Mode) or more than 5 hours (SP Mode) of audio.  Note:  SP mode required for speech recognition.  (Additional memory cards can be purchased.  See below for the recording capacity of the memory cards..)
bulletAs mentioned, one 32MB xD card is included.  You may want additional cards (see below for how to purchase) so you can keep recording on one card while handing the other off to a transcriptionist for greater efficiency. 
Ease of Operation:
bulletSlide Switch Operation is quiet and easy to use, resulting in high performance, comfort, and increased productivity.
bulletDesigned to withstand the heavy usage of the professional user. Durable switches and connectors of the DS-4000 are designed to eliminate or minimize the down time.
Organize your dictation: 
bulletUp to 10 users ID's and 10 Work Types can be programmed on the recorder to support user environment where recorders are exchanged amongst professionals.  Work Types are great for specifying the exact type of dictation to transcription services
bulletThe DS-4000 allows for easy editing of existing recordings by appending, overwriting, inserting, and erasing or partial-erase of recording.
bulletThe DS-4000 recorder can categorically classify and store recording in any of the 7 different folders that can be programmed on the recorder. Each folder can store up to 199 messages per folder.
bulletImproved DSS Player Pro software provides automatic download and backup of recordings; automatic distribution of recordings via email or FTP to other users; conversion of the DSS file to WAV file, link to NaturallySpeaking, direct recording onto your PC; managing and changing settings on your recorder; playing and editing of recordings on your PC; and automatic retrieval of typed documents and much more.
bulletThe DS-4000 transfer rate of dictation from the recorder to PC or vise versa has been improved to reduce time spent waiting for the transfer process to finish.
bulletThe DS-4000 will automatically synchronize its clock with your PC using the DSS Player Pro Dictation software.
bulletThe DSS Player Pro Dictation software supports encryption of dictations before sending as email attachments or via FTP.
bulletTwo programmable buttons, A and B, to implement functions per user dictation preferences.
bulletMulti-level alarms can be enabled and set to meet various needs.

Choose between two combinations of recording modes, SP or LP, and recording sensitivity, Dictate or Conference, to suit your recording needs.  For NaturallySpeaking speech recognition, use SP mode and Dictate recording sensitivity.


Automatic voice activation keeps recordings free from dead space and saves recording capacity and time during transcription.

bulletSupports hands-free recording with the optional RS-25 footswitch. Connect the RS-25 to the cradle, place the recorder in the cradle and you are ready to go.
bulletSupports and displays language in English, French, and German.
bulletSplash screen automatically displays default time of day greeting when DS-4000 is turned on, or you can program your own greeting (up to 20 characters).

The recorder has a built-in microphone and speaker, as well as auxiliary jacks for an external mic and headset (sold separately).  If you need to use the recorder in a noisy environment or want to improve accuracy, any microphone can be plugged into the microphone jack.   Olympus also makes available the ME-12 microphone (see below).


Speech Recognition Setup/Usage: 
Users must create a recorder-specific voice file or a second input source (new capability in NaturallySpeaking V8).  

Installation Overview:   If we are not performing your install for you, be sure to load your Olympus software and service packs before connecting your recorder.   See our NaturallySpeaking support web page for a link to the Olympus download page. (The Olympus link is at the bottom of this page.)

NaturallySpeaking User Setup:  To set up your NaturallySpeaking recorder user file or second input source for your existing NaturallySpeaking user file, you will read one of several NaturallySpeaking training scripts into your recorder, upload the audio and then allow the NaturallySpeaking new user routine to process the audio file.

Usage Workflow:   Dictators can choose whether to manage the transcription of their dictation themselves or work with a support person/team.  The only step dictators have to do themselves is dictate.  The remaining steps can be done by others.   To use NaturallySpeaking to transcribe your dictation, the recorder will need to be either docked or connected to your PC via the USB cable OR the xD memory card can be read through a memory card reader.  The Olympus DSS Player Pro software, if properly installed, will automatically start and the audio will upload.  (You can set options in the DSS Player to perform various steps for you automatically.)  You will select one or more audio files.   The DSS Player Pro (since R4.2) has a red dragon button that you can click to automatically send the selected audio to NaturallySpeaking for transcription.  You or a support person can proof-read and correct any misrecognitions.  If the dictator is not the correctionist, it is still helpful to feed back constructive criticism to help the dictator hone their dictation style to minimize errors. 

Improving Accuracy Notes:    Just as with a microphone-based NaturallySpeaking user file, accuracy can be increased by selecting the best base vocabulary (Medical, Legal, etc.) and adding to and/or tweaking the vocabulary using the many NaturallySpeaking Vocabulary Tools.  Also, careful correction of misrecognitions using NaturallySpeaking techniques will improve accuracy.  Clear speaking, good enunciation, consistent positioning of the recorder, etc. by the dictator can make a huge difference.  Also, consider an external microphone to suppress background noise.   

System Requirements and Connectivity Info


Any system capable of running Dragon NaturallySpeaking meets the system requirements of the Olympus DSSPlayer Pro recorder software.   Recorder input is supported in Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional, Legal, Medical, Public Safety or Preferred -- version 3.0 or greater.

The actual system requirements of the Olympus DSSPlayer Pro program are: Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT4-SP4/ME/2000/XP, 333 MHz or faster PC (500MHz or greater is recommended)), 64MB or greater RAM (128MB recommended), 25MB or more (plus space for audio data files), Creative Labs SoundBlaster 16 sound card or 100% compatible sound card, one or more free USB ports, CD-ROM for loading, microphone input and earphone (or speaker).


NOTE:  As mentioned, an available USB port is required for connectivity of your recorder to your PC.     How does this recorder connect to your PC and allow you to download the audio?  Two methods of connecting your recorder to your PC are available and can be done with the included cradle and/or USB cable:

  Method 1) Place recorder in cradle which is connected to PC via USB cable.   Click on diagram below. Method 2) Plug recorder directly into PC via included USB cable.
Click on diagram below.

Note:  You can also move your audio data from the xD-Picture Card to any PC using a card reader, in addition to the two direct connect methods described above.

What is included with the recorder?

The Olympus DS-4000 Digital Recorder comes the DS-4000 Digital Voice Recorder itself, 32MB xD-Picture CardTM removable media, Multi-function cradle/docking station, AC Adapter, Ni-MH rechargeable battery pack, USB Cable, DSS Player Pro R4 Dictation software, User manual and Quick Reference Guide.

Detailed Specifications

For detail about this recorder, view the Olympus DS-4000 Manual (in PDF format).  Also view the recorder up close by selecting one of the images below:

System Map of DS-4000 Included Components Front/Back of DS-4000: Display of DS-4000:




Recording Format DSS (Digital Speech Standard)
Recording Media xD-Picture Card: 16 to 512MB
Recording Time With included 32MB card:
SP mode: 5 hours, 10 minutes
LP mode: 11 hours, 5 minutes
Memory Cards ranging from 16MB to 512MB can be used and can be purchased separately -- see below and on order document.
Click thumbnail at right for recording capacity of xD cards
Remember use the higher fidelity SP format for speech recognition.
Card Format N/A
Input Level -70 dBv
PC Interface USB
Folders Messages 1 to 7 folders/199 messages per folder
Sampling Frequency SP mode: 12 kHz
LP mode: 8 kHz
Overall Frequency Response SP mode: 300 to 5,000 Hz
LP mode: 300 to 3,000 Hz
LP Mode Yes
Voice Activation Yes
Demographic Data Input Author ID, Work Type, Date/Time, Priority, Index, etc.
Practical Maximum Output 180 mW or more
Write Protection No
Speaker Built in ø28mm round dynamic speaker
Microphone Jack ø3.5mm mini-jack, impedance MIC 2k
Earphone Jack ø3.5mm mini-jack, impedance EAR 8 or more
Power Supply 3V
Batteries Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery Pack (BR402) or two (2) AAA batteries or two (2) Ni-MH rechargeable batteries (BR401)
External Power Supply No
Battery Life Alkaline: Recording (approx. 20 hours); Playback (approx. 12 hours)
Ni-MH Rechargeable: Recording (approx. 15 hours); Playback (approx. 10 hours)
Size 110.2 x 50.0 x 16.9 mm (without protrusions)
Weight 103 g (including Ni-MH rechargeable battery pack (BR402)
OS Supported Windows: Microsoft Windows 98/98SE/Me/2000 Professional/XP Professional, Home Edition
Mac: Mac OS 9.0 - 9.2.2/10.1 - 10.3
CPU Windows: Intel Pentium II class 333 MHz processor or faster (Processor 500 MHz or faster is recommended)
RAM Windows: 64MB or more (128MB or more is recommended)
Mac: 64MB or more (128MB or more is recommended)
Sound Board Windows: Creative Labs Sound Blaster 16 or 100% compatible card
Video Card and Display Windows: 800 x 600 pixels or more, 256 colors or more
Mac: 800 x 600 pixels or more, 256 colors or more
Removable Drive Windows: 2x or faster CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-ROM drive
Mac: 2x or faster CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-ROM drive
USB Port Windows: One or more free ports
Mac: One or more free ports
Audio Output Windows: Microphone input and earphone output or speaker
Mac: Earphone output or speakers

Optional and/or replacement accessories for this recorder

bulletMemory Cards:  As discussed above, xD Picture memory cards are the recording media for this recorder.   One 32MB xD card come with the DS-4000 Recorder.

xD Picture Cards ranging from 16MB to 512MB can be used in the DS-4000 and can be purchased separately -- see below and

on order document.     (See picture of xD card at right.)  Also, click thumbnail image at right for more information about the xD card and recording capacities.

bulletME-12 Noise Cancellation Microphone: 
Does not come with base DS-4000 package - can be ordered separately
Digital voice recorders provide great solutions for voice recognition applications, however background noise will sometimes cause a problem.  The ME-12 plugs into your digital recorder's microphone jack for uni-directional recording in high-noise environments. It will cut down on much of the background noise and result in a more accurate transcription.   Specifications Microphone length: 1” inch Cord length: No cord Plug: 3.5mm Frequency Response: 200 – 5,000 Hz Directivity: Uni-directional Mike Sensitivity: -68db Output Impedance: 1.4 kW Color: Black foam cover over microphone Weight: 3.5 grams
bulletKP11 USB Cable 
One comes with the DS-4000.
You may enjoy an extra cable -- allowing you to leave your included cable in your office attached to your docking station, while traveling with another cable. 
Download images from your digital camera to your computer at blazing speed with this USB Cable. Replacement for the USB cable that is ships with the DS 4000 Recorder.  Allows for instant downloads from the recorder to your PC.
bulletCR3 Multi-function cradle/docking station
One comes with the DS-4000.
Dual function cradle for recharging of Ni-MH battery pack and downloading data to a PC.
bulletBR402 Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery for DS 4000, DS3300
One comes with the DS-4000.
Replacement battery for your DS-4000 Digital Voice Recorder. Always be prepared with an extra battery for traveling or long meetings.   You can expect approximately 500 charge/discharge cycles from this rechargeable battery -- depending on your usage. 
bulletD-7AC Adapter Blister Pack
One comes with the DS-4000.
You may need an extra AC Adapter, if yours is
Many other options are available including replacements for all the components of the recorder kit.

Do you have a prior version of either the DSS Player Recorder or Transcription Software and need to upgrade?  Or do you need to replace your copy of software?  Here is the software only or upgrades from prior software versions. Order from our Order Document.

Product Your Price
DS-4000/AS-4000 SOFTWARE ONLY: Full Products -
NOTE This software comes in the AS-4000 Transcription Kit, but pricing is provided here if you need to replace it.
DSS Player Pro Release 4 Dictation Software Only - List Price:  $119.00 $99.99
DSS Player Pro Release 4 Transcription Software - List Price:  $329.00 $229.99
DS-4000/AS-4000 SOFTWARE Upgrades from DSS Player Pro Release 3 (DS-3000/AS-3000) software
NOTE This software comes with your Transcription Kit, but pricing is provided here if you need to upgrade from an older version.
DSS Player Pro Release 4 Dictation Software - List Price:  $79.00 $49.99
DSS Player Pro Release 4 Transcription Software - List Price:  $79.00 $49.99


Buy an Olympus DS 4000 Digital Recorder for $449!  ($549 value)



NaturallySpeaking with Olympus DS-4000 recorder bundles available --
click on the NaturallySpeaking product of your choice:


Order NaturallySpeaking Medical with Olympus DS-4000 Bundle


Order NaturallySpeaking Legal with Olympus DS-4000 Bundle


Order NaturallySpeaking Professional with Olympus DS-4000 Bundle


Order NaturallySpeaking Preferred with Olympus DS-4000 Bundle

Looking for the AS-4000 Transcription Kit?  Click here!

Note regarding Pricing:    We believe we have competitive prices.  Call/email to let us
price-match any price you find.

Do you need a full version of the product or would you like to read the whole product
write-up for a particular edition?  See our Speech Recognition Overview Page!

Services Info

IMAGE Management, LLC has been selling and supporting speech recognition since 1993! 
We are a Nuance Gold Certified Partner and ScanSoft Certified
Dragon NaturallySpeaking® Instructors (SCDI) representing the Dragon NaturallySpeaking®
product line and related products.  
We offer Pre-Sales and Post-Sales Speech Recognition Online Support
Do you need assistance with the product?  We offer Speech Recognition Services.


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