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System Requirements 
What is included with the recorder
Optional accessories for this recorder  
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This recorder was one of the first digital recorders to work with NaturallySpeaking, but has not been manufactured in a while.  We do have a small supply of these recorders.  This recorder is perfect for general dictation.

We don't recommend this recorder for heavy use with the NaturallySpeaking product as newer recorders have improved their fidelity for transcription by software. If you plan to use NaturallySpeaking, please consider one of the other digital recorders at our recorder page.

Enjoy Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking® at your PC AND use your NaturallyMobile® recorder when you are away.  Now you can get your work done anywhere!  The Dragon NaturallyMobile® Recorder is the mobile solution that enables you to create reports, correspondence, e-mail, and more - virtually anywhere.   Then just plug the recorder into your computer using the included cable, click "Transcribe", and your words are transcribed immediately onto your screen and into your document.

You don't have to carry a laptop or look at a screen while you are entering information. There are no tapes to transcribe, and no redundant keyboarding of handwritten notes.   With the Dragon NaturallyMobile® recorder you can create text almost anywhere, anytime. You can also save audio clips or dictation as .wav files.

Note:  The NaturallyMobile recorder® is an older architecture recorder that can be used with Dragon NaturallySpeaking -- for general dictation and light-duty transcription by the NaturallySpeaking software.   Visit our recorders page for other choices if you are a high-volume business dictator.

Recorder Top Features


Size/Recording Capacity:  This ergonomic, palm-sized, recorder holds up to 40 minutes (approximately 10 pages) of speech using the built-in memory or have an unlimited amount of recording time by using the optional removable memory cards. We also provide the memory cards.  (See below.)


Features:  Control buttons enable you to record, insert, find, play back, add to, or delete recorded information, and more. Messages are displayed on a highly readable, backlit LCD screen.


Organize your dictation:  Recordings may be organized into up to 99 folders, each containing up to 99 files.  Each recording is stamped with the date, time and user name.


Mic/Speaker/Jacks:  The recorder has a built-in microphone and speaker, as well as auxiliary jacks for an external mic and headset (sold separately).  If you need to use the recorder in a noisy environment or want to improve accuracy, any microphone can be plugged into the microphone jack.  An optional “lollipop” microphone is also available (sold separately).


Setup:  Users must create a recorder-specific voice file.  One interesting feature of this recorder is that it functions like a hand-held microphone when connected to the PC – meaning that users can train, correct and otherwise enhance their recorder voice files live into NaturallySpeaking before unplugging and using away from the PC.

System Requirements


Any system capable of running Dragon NaturallySpeaking is capable of using the recorder.   Recorder input is supported in Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional, Legal, Medical, Public Safety or Preferred -- version 3.0 or greater. Your NaturallySpeaking CD contains the “linking software” for this recorder.


Available serial port with DB-9 connection is required.  Cable is included.     NOTE:  If you have a DB-25 connection, you will need a DB-25 to DB-9 adapter (sold separately).   If you do not have a serial port at all, you can use a serial to USB converter (sold separately).

What is included with the recorder?

Dragon NaturallyMobile Recorder, recorder documentation and connecting cable.

Optional accessories for this recorder

bullet8MB Memory Card:  As discussed above, users can add optional removable memory cards to add up to 80 minutes of recording capacity to your recorder.  These memory cards are 8MB 3.3V SSFDC SmartMedia cards.  (See picture at right for SmartMedia card.)
bulletBuddyQ™  “Lollipop” Microphone:  This mic is especially designed for the NaturallyMobile® recorder and will not twist, so the front of the element will always be in the correct position.   BuddyQ uses a noise canceling microphone element to virtually eliminate noise from other sources as well as noise generated from touch of the hand and click of the button.  This microphone does not require additional power to operate.   (See picture at right for recorder with BuddyQ microphone inserted.)
bulletVTR Cable:   DB9 Serial cable for recorder. Connects the VTR3200 to the serial port on your computer. Allows for instant downloads from the recorder to your PC. (Already comes with the recorder when the unit is purchased). 6 Ft. long.


This recorder was one of the first digital recorders to work with NaturallySpeaking, but has not been manufactured in a while and/or kept updated.  We are familiar with this recorder, as we worked with them in the past.  This recorder is fine for basic recording/playback, but if you want to send your dictation to NaturallySpeaking, please consider one of the other digital recorders at our recorder page.

Note regarding Pricing:    We believe we have competitive prices.  Call/email to let us
price-match any price you find.

Do you need a full version of the product or would you like to read the whole product
write-up for a particular edition?  See our Speech Recognition Overview Page!

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IMAGE Management, LLC has been selling and supporting speech recognition since 1993! 
We are a Nuance Gold Certified Partner and ScanSoft Certified
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product line and related products.  
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