Used Equipment Purchase or Trade-in


Recycle SymbolIn addition to selling/servicing new Mobility & Access equipment and renting/servicing used equipment, we also buy or allow the trade-in of used mobility and access products such as stair lifts, ceiling and rolling lifts, porch lifts (also known as wheelchair lifts or vertical porch Lifts or platform lifts), etc.

We are based in Raleigh, NC, USA and sell/service/rent/buy products all over the country. We are well-versed in logistics options -- even for large products requiring trucking so most distance issues can be solved.

Regarding our purchase of your used equipment or our allowing a trade-in of your used equipment to apply to your product purchase:

Next Step?

Have a used product to sell OR need a new product and want to see if you can get some trade-in value for a used product?

Note regarding Product and/or Battery Recycling

For certain products such as hand controls and battery replacement purchases, we frequently facilitate the recycling of the product and/or used batteries.  Please look for this on a product-by-product basis or contact us.


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