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Platform Lifts



Don't let stairs be a barrier!

Vertical platform lifts (also known as VPLs, porch lifts, wheelchair lifts, residential lifts, home lifts, etc.) allow riders using a wheelchair, power chair or walker to easily change levels -- from porch to ground, garage floor to house level, etc.

Platform lifts are the perfect solution to get you or your loved one or client in and out of your house (or a public place)! These lifts can be used indoors and outdoors to vertically transport a wheelchair user or anyone with difficulty up and over a low-rise barrier created by stairs, thus creating access to or within the building. A Vertical Platform Lift is an economical and practical answer to stair barriers.

At Image Management, LLC, we sell and service new and used stair lifts. We are based in Raleigh, NC and sell/service/rent/purchase lifts all over North Carolina and in some areas of Virginia and South Carolina.

platform-lift-2-cropped-optimized.jpgWe also rent platform lifts for situations when the lift will most likely be needed for only a short time or when a lower initial payment followed by a monthly payment is desired. For more information about rentals, visit our Rentals page.

Why install a platform lift? Why not a ramp? Why not a stairlift?

There are many situations where a vertical platform lift is recommended. Look around your home or facility for level changes such as:

When you require a modest level change, you have three general choices:

Ramps? Platform lifts take a lot less space than ramps. Industry recommendations for ramps suggest one linear foot per vertical inch of rise and turnaround platforms every 15-20 feet. Using these guidelines, you would need a ramp of over 36 feet plus one or two turnaround platform(s) to safely rise three feet (36 inch). A platform lift will occupy a much smaller footprint and, in most cases, is LESS expensive than a properly built ramp. Should your need for a platform lift end, platform lifts are easy to remove and the location is more easily returned to its original condition.

Stairlifts? Stairlifts are great solutions when the rider is able to sit in the stairlift chair. Transferring to the stairlift chair from a wheelchair, power chair or walker is great too but, if the rider uses a special chair or walker, either a duplicate chair/walker must be on both floors or the chair/walker must also be transported for the rider to use. 



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