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Stair Lifts


straight-stair-lift-397x395-optimized.jpgStairs? ... No Problem!

Stairlifts can be the solution to a common problem -- the inability to get into your home or freely go to all floors of your home because of difficulty going up and down stairs.  Two steps or twelve steps -- it doesn't matter how many. Those steps can block your full access of your home.

Stairlifts are available in two general configurations -- straight and curved/custom -- and there is a solution for all stairway types.   For more on staircase types and possible solutions, keep reading.

While stairlifts are most common inside houses, stairlifts are also available for outdoor use.

And, at Image Management, LLC, we sell and service new and used stair lifts.  We are based in Raleigh, NC and sell/service/rent/purchase lifts all over North Carolina and in some areas of Virginia and South Carolina.

We also rent stair lifts for situations when the stair lift will most likely be needed for only a short time or when a lower initial payment followed by a monthly payment is desired. For more information about rentals, visit our Rentals page.

Keep reading for more stairlift info and/or contact us to discuss.

Who can use a stairlift?  Basically anyone!

Straight or curved/custom stairlift? 

There is a solution for all stair types. Take a look at the basic types of staircases and the stair lift solution:

Image showing straight staircase:


    1. Use Multiple straight stairlifts.
      Mid-ride transfer on landing is required.
    2. Use one custom/curved stairlift.
      Rider will have one continuous ride. No mid-ride transfer will be required.

Images showing U-shaped/Switchback staircase and L-shaped staircase:
(Not shown but still applicable: Staircase with multiple right-angle turns.) 

 typesofstairs-halflanding-cropped-optimized.jpg   typesofstairs-quarterlanding-cropped-optimized.jpg

Images showing curved staircase and winder staircase (without level landing):

typesofstairs-curved-cropped-optimized.jpg  typesofstairs-winder-cropped-optimized.jpg   

Possible site preparation?

There is usually little if any site preparation required for a stair lift. 

Occasionally, you might decide you'd prefer to have the stair lift installed on the same side as the stair rail and that might cause us to want to move the stair rail higher or to the other side.  

Stair lifts use a standard home 120 V wall outlet. If you don't have power near the planned stairlift location, we can use an extension cord but you may want a new outlet installed. 

Contact us to discuss your stairlift application!



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