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We can help by answering your pre-sales questions and providing after-purchase training and support services. We also facilitate/provide repair services. 

Product info re FAQs, training, support, service, repair. Choose one of three categories:

  • Technology Products Support (Speech Recognition, Dictation, Recorders, Mics, Software, Automation, SmartPens, Keyboards, etc.)

  • Accessibility Products Support (Ceiling Lifts, Rolling Lifts, Stair Lifts, bath chairs, door openers, construction for access, etc.)

  • About Us page containing links to company info, order tracking/processing info, shipping/purchasing/returns policies, etc.


Select one of the above categories to find help with:

Pre-sales Questions?

We can help you identify the correct product, make sure your desired new product will work with your existing products and answer other questions about how the new products will work.

After-Care Training/Support

We want you to be successful and happy with your new product and will always work with customers to understand how to get their training needs accomplished or service issues resolved.

  • We will provide a lot of information, FAQs in our web site and blog.
  • We'll also answer short questions for customers at no charge. Sometimes that is all it takes to solve an issue.
  • If more extensive training/support/service are needed, we do require payment for these types of services. For ongoing support, consider purchasing a block of service time or a periodic visit OR let us provide a cost proposal for more extensive training/support/service requests
  • We know our customers understand the difference between quick questions and more time-consuming questions that are actually training and support requests.


Have a damaged or non-working product that needs service/repair? We can help you with your in-warranty or out-of-warranty repair.