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typesofstairs-straight-cropped-optimized.jpgImage Management, LLC Straight Stair Lift Questionnaire & Measurement Worksheet

This worksheet/questionnaire is for a straight stair lift and you can also download this Measurement Worksheet as a two-page PDF. Gather some project specs and contact us to discuss.

If you have a curved, winder, etc. stairway, some of these questions are still applicable so feel free to use the document to gather some facts and then contact us  to discuss the solution.

Contact Info/Location of project

Time Frame/Preferences:

Rider and Stairway Info:

Let’s get a few measurements (There is a picture for each measurement.)

1. Front edge of upper landing to lowest landing floor.  ________ inchesimage-management-llc-stairlift-measurement-1-optimized.jpg

Keep your tape measure taut so there is no sagging.




2. Front edge of upper landing to front edge of bottom step. ________  inches


Keep your tape measure taut so there is no sagging. 

(Similar to but not exactly the same as measurement #1.)




Let's get two step/tread measurements:image-management-llc-stairlift-measurement-3-and-4-optimized.jpg
(Note that a carpenter square or any other measurement tool
with a right angle is very handy for these measurements.)


3. Rise ________ inches

 4. Net Tread ________ inches
If your step has a slight overhang, measure from the tip of the overhang



5. Width of staircase? ________ inchesimage-management-llc-stairlift-measurement-5-optimized.jpg




What is at the top and bottom of staircase?image-management-llc-stairlift-measurement-6-and-7-optimized.jpg
(Possible obstructions – things that can’t move -
doors, door-less entries, halls, etc.)

6. Distance from BOTTOM step to obstruction? ________ inches

What is the obstruction?

7. Distance from TOP step to obstruction? ________ inches

What is the obstruction?


If you can, take a few pictures of your steps – from the top, from the bottom, showing any obstructions, etc.

Scan or take a picture of both pages of this document and send this document and any pictures to or you can text them to nine-one-nine-522-0538.

Anything else you’d like us to know?




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