Plantronics A10-16 Direct Connect Cable


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Direct Connect Cable, Accessory for EncorePro HW510/515/520/525, EncorePro HW530/535/540/545, EncorePro HW710/715/720/725, SupraPlus HW251/HW251N/HW261/HW261N
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Plantronics A10-16 Direct Connect Cable

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Product Summary 

What's In the Box? Plantronics A10-16 Direct Connect Cable 
Product Status?  This is a new Plantronics current product.
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Product Overview

The Plantronics A10-16 Direct Connect Cable lets you connect a Plantronics H-Series headset directly to most headset-ready phones with no amplifier needed.


  • Color: Smoky gray
  • Terminals: 1 x Quick Disconnect 1 x RJ-11 male 
  • Connects to: Most Office and Contact Center Phones. Supports H-Series headsets such as the current Encore, Entera, Tristar, SupraPlus, Mirage, DuoSet, DuoPro, EncorePro models and the discontinued StarSet, Freehand, Supra models. 
    Partial list of compatible headsets:
    • Plantronics DuoPro H151, H151N, H161, H161N, H171, H171N, H181, H181N ¦
    • Plantronics DuoPro Polaris P171, P171N, P171N-U10P, P171-U10P with Voice Tube ¦
    • Plantronics DuoSet H141, H141N, H141N/Z, H142N ¦
    • Plantronics Encore H101, H101N, H91, H91N ¦
    • Plantronics Encore Polaris P101, P101N, P101N-U10P, P101-U10P, P91, P91N, P91N-U10P, P91-U10P ¦
    • Plantronics FreeHand H131, H131N, H132N ¦
    • Plantronics Mirage H41, H41N ¦
    • Plantronics Mirage Polaris P41, P41-U10P ¦
    • Plantronics Polaris P101, P101N-U10P, P81N-U10P, P81-U10P, P351, P351 U10, P351N U10, P361, P361 U10,  ¦
    • Plantronics StarSet H31, H31C/D, H31CD, H31N ¦
    • Plantronics Supra H51, H51 with Vista M12 Amplifier, H51N, H61, H61 with M12 Vista Universal Amplifier, H61N, H61N with Vista M12 ¦
    • Plantronics Supra Polaris P51, P51N, P51N-U10P, P51-U10P, P61, P61N, P61N-U10P, P61-U10P ¦
    • Plantronics SupraPlus H251, H251 with Voice Tube, H251/A Voice Tube, H251N, H251N/A, H251N-UNC, H261, H261H, H261N, H261N-UNC, P251, P251N, P261, P261N, P261N-U10P ¦
    • Plantronics SupraPlus NC H251N, P251N-U10P ¦
    • Plantronics SupraPlus Polaris P251, P251 with Voice Tube, P251N, P251-U10P, P261 with Voice Tube, P261N, P261-U10P ¦
    • Plantronics SupraPlus SL H351, H351 with VoiceTube, H351N, H351N with Noise Canceling, H361, H361 with VoiceTube, H361N, H361N with Noise Canceling ¦
    • Plantronics SupraPlus SL Polaris P351 U10P, P351 with Voice Tube, P351N, P351N U10P, P351N with Noise-Canceling, P361 U10P, P361 with Voice Tube, P361N with Noise-Canceling ¦
    • Plantronics TriStar H81, H81N ¦ Plantronics TriStar Polaris P81, P81N, P81N-U10P, P81-U10P 


Manufacturer's warranty applies.