Andrea Communications NC-181 VM USB On-Ear Mono Headset

Andrea Communications

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Digital USB Connectivity via USB
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Andrea Communications NC-181VM USB Noise-Cancelling Microphone Headset, USB-Connected, Monaural (with One Ear Cushion Speaker) and Digital Volume/Mute

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Product Summary/License Info:

How delivered? This product is a physically delivered product.
Who can purchase? No restrictions.
Applications? Speech Recognition, Dictation
Connectivity/Form Factor? USB
What's in the box? Andrea microphone with cable and integrated/inline mute/volume switch.
Warranty? Manufacturer's warranty applies. One (1) year for original end-user purchaser or person who receives product as gift. 
Return Policy? This product is a technology hardware product. See our Return Policy.
Questions? Have questions or want a custom quote (with software, accessories, services, etc.)? Contact Us.    Also visit our Dictation Support page for more product info.

Product Features:

The Andrea Communications NC-181VM USB Mono Headset is a well-built and cost-effective noise-canceling microphone with inline mutes/volume control that has been awarded Nuance's "6 Dragon" rating for speech accuracy.  It features:

  • Proprietary noise canceling microphone with windsock to minimize breath popping
  • Microphone:
    • Pro-flex wire microphone boom for perfect placement
    • Windsock to minize breath popping
  • Speaker/ear foam:
    • Comfortable foam ear cushion
    • Reversible for left ear or right ear usage
    • 40mm mono (monaural) speaker with deep bass sound delivers crystal clear audio
      (As mentioned, this microphone is Monaural. If you prefer a binaural microphone, consider the Andrea Communications NC-185 VM USB Stereo/Binaural Headset. This microphone is the stereo version of the microphone you are looking at right now.)
  • Headband/cable/controls:
    • Convenient in-line volume and mute controls
    • Extra long 8-foot shielded cable with external USB sound card and USB plug
    • Stainless steel adjustable headband folds flat for storage
  • Compatible with patented audio enhancement software download available for purchase from Andrea Electronics Corporation.
    • This software is NOT recommended for use with voice recognition software including Dragon. 

System Requirements/Technical Specifications for Andrea Communications NC-181 VM USB On-Ear Headset

  • Compatibility: 
    • PC: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
    • Apple: Mac OS X 10.5 or higher

  • Connectivity:
    • Microphone Input and Audio Output via USB

  • For other specifications (frequency range, signal to noise ratio, power, etc., see the product spec sheet below.


Manufacturer's warranty applies.